Handmade from start to finish. The material used is cut by hand, recorded by hand, and packaged by hand. The recording is done real time with diamonds and the material used is far more durable and superior to any pressing vinyl, resulting in longer life, more plays, more scratch resistant, and higher definition of sound. Human quality control at every stage, for a truly superb product, far superior in quality to anything mass produced. Expect minor differences in every vinyl raising the scarcity and value of your truly unique products to your customers.

  • Real Time recording of songs, at the original rate. No compression of sound and no dithering.
  • Mastering and song preparation for recording with full analogue high end equipment (Rupert Neve, API, Thermionic Culture, Chandler Limited, Burl) for totally organic and dynamic sound.
  • High quality of material and recording technique which allows very low noise recordings and reduces the harm in playback needles.
  • Superb bass and high frequencies definition and mid channel distortion uncomparable to any pressing vinyl.
  • Absolutely no limits to lowest quantity.
  • Very fast delivery times always depending quantity. Delivery possible in remote areas (we can deliver when you are on tour).
  • Endless loops possible (few second loops can be recorded at any point of the vinyl that will play back indefinitely).
  • When track finishes needle will go on silent loop preventing it from touching the label and cause any damage.
  • Different packaging options making the “limited edition” meaningful.
  • Black colour paper packaging with white hand made silk paint on it (extremely difficult and unique)!
  • Singles can be recorded in multiple sized vinyl raging from 7 inch to 12 inch vinyl. The bigger the size the better the quality of the sound.
  • Picture disks possible but cost is considerably higher due to huge amount of work and materials required.
  • No colour disks here! Vinyls that have colour damage the needles (both recording and playback) and due to pigmentation inside the material sound is always far inferior (that includes pressing coloured vinyls).