Iron Ensemble – “Alexander The Great”

12″ Limited/Handcrafted Vinyl


Iron Ensemble (contemporary classical music, GR)



IRON ENSEMBLE is a septet from Greece consisting of a harp, piano, guitar, two violins, viola, violoncello and contrabasso. The band, which covers IRON MAIDEN songs in a unique way, has already released its first CD-single, “Alexander The Great”.


Now, through NUN Records, it gets vinyl treatment and it’s being released as a limited edition, handcrafted 10-inch vinyl. A’ side includes a 10-minute version of “Alexander The Great”, and b’ side, the same song divided in six parts, as a suite (total running time: more than 20 minutes).

You can watch the video for the second part of “Alexander The Great” below.



Dimitris Aggelidis: violin

Costas Panagiotidis: violin

Ali Basegmezler (session): viola

Dimitris Travlos: violoncello

Dimitris Kamarianakis: contrabasso

Elias Koskoris: guitar, solo arrangements

Mary Tassouli: harp, piano, orchestration

Ρecorded, arranged, mixed, produced and mastered by Constantine Theodorou -aka Prodakt, ar NuN studios