Grey Vs Gray – “Dark Room/ Glowing Grey” (Dark Room Cover Edition)

7″ Handcrafted/Clear/Limited Vinyl

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Grey Vs Gray (Post Apocalyptic/ Prog/ Alternative Metal,GR)


Grey Vs Gray – Dark Room (The Story Behind)

“It all begins within four walls…”


The world as we know it is nothing but a memory to the unflagging wanderers of the Cosmos…


Stories of individuals are carefully shelved in the depths of a Library beyond sight.


Mr Ark – as conventionally named in human language – has always been there to scrupulously archive all that has ever taken place in the History of Existence. This strange fortune is about to be unveiled…


Grey Vs Gray are those figures that shall bring the Book of Being to life, hence reflect everyone’s inner self before their very eyes…


Words of controversial characters, either close or far away, in times of old or days-to-come.


People may never identify Grey Vs Gray’s form. Yet they shall deeply feel the piercing gaze of Janus…


For somewhere in between reality and fantasy, the eternal and the ephemeral, the first Story to be shared shall spread its wings…


“Year 2017. In the heart of an emblematic, sparkling Metropolis. Though blackness imposes its presence…


Narration starts from its middle. Inside a Dark Room…”


Grey Vs Gray Are :


Mr. Ark – Storyteller

Prodakt – Catalyst

Ani Mal- Drums

The Essence – Lyrics


All Guitars by : Unwanted Eyes

Drums on “Dark Room” : Stelios “Timelord” Pavlou

Bass Guitar: Prodakt

Music : Grey Vs Gray

Lyrics : The Essence


Recorded, arranged, mixed, produced and mastered by Constantine Theodorou -aka Prodakt, ar NuN studios




Side A

Dark Room


Side B

Glowing Grey