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Cover Art for “An Ordinary Couple EP” by Jovanna Spiliou



Grey Vs Gray (Prog / Storytelling / Cinematic Rock)

“An Ordinary Couple” EP (Nun Records)

Music Inspired By The Short Film “Meatballs”

Format : A.Digital Version (All Streaming Services)

B. 10″ Handcrafted Vinyl Tracklist



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1.The Dream

2.The Knife

3.Any Day

4.Bad Moment

5.Red Button (Outro)



Mixed and Mastered at Nun Studios by Grey Vs Gray

Album Artwork by Jovanna Spiliou

Album Available at Spotify Here :



Band Introduction

Grey Vs Gray are a post-apocalyptic concept band. They are the outcome of the harmonic coexistence between acknowledged and professional musicians, lyricists, producers and graphic artists which are permanent members of the band / concept and put their efforts together in order to create a fictional framework that acts as a canvas of numerous individual narrations in the forms of concept music albums, literature works (novels, short stories etc.) and theatrical plays. “Meatballs” and “An Ordinary Couple”




Plot Line

Panagiotis, a young introverted architect, is in the perfect relationship. Lena, his partner, embodies everything he desires, just like he discusses with a particularly attentive man in an office. But all the characteristics that once seemed heavenly to Panagiotis, now have become a living hell.

Directed by: Chrys Barmpas / Screenplay by: Yannis Diakakis

Cast: Prometheus Aleifer, Nancy Boukli, Nikos Psarras Meatballs

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Grey Vs Gray Are:

Dimitris “Mr. Ark” Barmpas – Storyteller, Bass Guitar

Theo “Ani Mal” Christodoulou – Drums

Alex “The FX” Koumplis – Guitars

Additional Musician: Chris Dane – Keyboards and Keyboards Arrangements on “The Dream” and “Red Button (Outro)”

Label: Nun Records

Management: Sakis Fragkos ([email protected])

Analog Mixing and Mastering at Nun Studios by Constantine “Prodakt” Theodorou

Drums Recorded at Thouvou Studios by Theo “The Animal” Christodoulou

Guitars Reamping by Dionysis Kladis (Vonavibe)


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